Even-handed reporting needed on planned cuts

The Maui News editorial (March 18) warns we are “Inviting Disaster” (hyperbole in the extreme) with the planned cuts in both the Defense Department’s budget and the number of active-duty military personnel in the Army. Reading between the lines is the impact on the economy of Hawaii.

According to the Hawaii business journal, military spending in Hawaii totals $8.8 billion each year, including $2.4 billion in military contracts for construction, supplies and services. The sector generates 102,000 local jobs and generates $14.7 billion in both direct and indirect spending. Nearly 4 in 10 surveyed respondents said that their family’s income is tied to the military.

And what’s more, the United States spends $515 billion annually on military against China’s $59 billion, buying 11 aircraft carriers to China’s one. The Russians spend about $43 billion annually on their military.

The media owes the public fair, balanced and even-handed reporting, including when editorializing. The Maui News is no exception.

David L. Florence