Fees collected from nonusers is in effect a tax

“New fees for exchange” (Today’s Editorial, March 13) misses a critical point.

A fee is a charge that is intended to cover the administrative cost of a program, service or maintenance of an asset (driver’s licenses, trash pickup, start parks). Fees are to be levied on the users. If a citizen chooses not to participate he would not be subject to the fee.

Revenue collected from a nonuser is a tax. So the proposed “fee” to be collected from the nonparticipating health care plan providers is a tax for their decision not to use the exchange.

A tax should be levied uniformly on all citizens or entities without regard to their actions, beliefs, etc. Taxing an individual or entity for nonaction is a tax for the purpose of social engineering and is government control at its worst.

Let your senator and representative know that this practice is unacceptable.

Richard Webster