Graffiti culprit shows no respect for Lahaina

Lahaina is one of the most unique little towns in the world. People come from all over the world to see our little whaling village. And yet, some of the people who live here don’t realize how special it is.

Whoever owns Lahaina Square should be embarrassed. It is in desperate need of paint and attention, and it is a total eyesore from the highway.

The other issue that is an embarrassment to Lahaina is the graffiti/tagging. It clearly is all done by one person with cans of green and blue spray paint. I would love to know who the person is so that he or she would be the one to have to clean, repaint and repair the damage has been done.

I was raised to respect other people’s property and to take care of what we have. This person has no respect for himself/herself or anyone else. The sound wall, Lahaina Aquatic Center, the Lahaina Post Office, highway barriers, etc., all have been marred by this punk.

I feel bad for the Longhi building – the sides of the building are continually repainted to cover up graffiti.

Who is in charge of repairing and cleaning up the county damage? If someone knows who the person doing this damage is, please ask him or her to show some respect for the place we live.

Cheryl Henderson