Help here at home should come before foreign aid

How come when some foreign country has a catastrophe, such as a mudslide that buries a village, our government is so quick to jump in and help, sending our rescue workers there, but in our United States no one seems to be sending the troops to help out the grief-stricken, overworked Washington town where people are daily finding more family and friends who have died? No word at all of our president sending any type of help or rescue units.

We need to keep it at home and quit sending our troops and other vital agencies to foreign countries.

What happened to helping out our own U.S. citizens in Oso, Wash.? The chief of police in Oso, on the news the other night, looked so tired, as did the firefighters and rescue units, but they seem to be on their own. Families are doing their own digging and chain-sawing to try to find loved ones.

Tere Patterson