Ing’s priority list missing more important issues

I, like many Kihei residents, received a postcard from Rep. Kaniela Ing titled “Make Your Concerns, My Priority,” listing five choices.

While as citizens we should be concerned about these topics, my more basic concerns were not listed. My grandchildren are my concern.

Pono Choices, Common Core – these are some of my concerns. Promoting sexual practices to 11-year-olds (Pono Choices) and endorsing a national educational standard that in other states is already failing (Common Core) is far more important than “Should Hawaii follow West Coast states and legalize marijuana?” as noted as No. 5 on Rep. Ing’s questionnaire. (Even the wording of this question is insulting.)

In October, thousands of people gathered at the Capitol building, thousands of people sent emails, thousands of people gave time and money flying to Oahu to testify, and hundreds mailed handwritten letters expressing their concern regarding legalizing same-sex marriage. This concern was definitely not Rep. Ing’s priority. In fact, this concern was basically ignored and/or condemned.

I can no longer swallow the “your concerns, my priority” rhetoric when actions clearly speak louder than words.

Kathleen Campbell