It’s not hard to distinguish GMO from non-GMO

Apparently a March 3 letter writer is unaware of the simple way to tell genetically modified food from non-GMO food.

If it doesn’t say “No GMO” on it, then it has some GMO components. It’s the same way we can tell if food is organic or Kosher or low-fat. Food that has some unique characteristic is labeled that way.

Yes, you may have to pay a little more for that labeling, but that’s your choice. Don’t ask me to pay for your special information.

As far as this GMO food being different, the letter writer must have missed the lecture on the rise of human civilization. When our ancestors developed farming, they started manipulating the plants through selective planting. The history of civilization is full of human breakthroughs in that process. Now modern technology is simply using newer tools to continue that evolution.

As the Food and Drug Administration says, a GMO wheat seed is a wheat seed – no different nutritionally to the consumer than winter wheat was to old-fashioned summer wheat.

But it is certainly a person’s choice not to eat it. It is not your right to force me to pay for the identification of food you won’t eat. Just buy the products labeled “No GMO.”

Greg Stratton