Judges, lawyers, police starring in reality farce

Maui lady arrested for mail theft, multiple counts (The Maui News, March 17). She has 19 felony convictions plus 15 misdemeanor convictions. With a three strikes law she would have six life sentences, not to mention that mail theft is a federal crime – there is no parole.

Lenient prosecutors and judges are most of the blame. Unfortunately, most judges are appointed, not elected. Then we could vote the bums out.

Also, time limits on political signs are gone (“Ask The Mayor,” March 17). Guess who voted on this – the politicians. Vote all of the bums out.

Also, two loved women have been missing for weeks. Kidnapping is a federal crime. The FBI is the best in the world at this. The Maui Police Department did not invite the FBI in.

All this could be a reality show. A farce starring lame lawyers, judges and police.

David Dahlby