Legalizing marijuana would not hurt Hawaii

A March 3 letter writer is right about Pono Choices but she’s wrong about marijuana.

Frankly, if I were overseeing the program, I would immediately bring in the person responsible for state schools teaching 11-year-olds about anal sex. This is just sick.

That being said, she is completely wrong when it comes to legalizing marijuana. The marijuana prohibition has been going on for more than 70 years and it has been a catastrophic failure. There is not a teen in America today that does not have access to marijuana, period. This speaks volumes about how big a failure the marijuana prohibition has been.

In places where marijuana has been legalized, studies show that there has been no increase in usage. We should follow the example of Colorado and legalize marijuana for adults, with restrictions on purchases by minors and driving.

Treat marijuana like alcohol – tax and regulate it. The money should go toward education; do it for the children.

Bronson Kaahui