Maui citizens need to be heard on hospital bill

SB 3064, having passed three readings in the Senate and now two readings in the House, is rapidly moving through Legislature. The bill’s initial intent was to deliver control of Neighbor Island public hospitals (including Maui Memorial Medical Center) to nongovernment-run Oahu-based hospital systems through a public-private partnership transition process.

SB 3064, as originally written, gave Neighbor Islands no true choice in partnership selection. The legality of such a restriction is unclear, so that position has softened.

SB 3064 now moves to the House Finance Committee. I believe the measure will pass and will be signed by the governor in some form.

SB 3064 has the potential to forever change health care access and delivery on Maui. Maui citizens need to log on to and follow the progress of SB 3064 and submit testimony so your views can be given a voice.

Melvin D. Burton