Maui facing a crossroad in access to health care

Health care access on Maui is at a crossroad. If the hospital bill (SB 3064) passes without changes, our hospital may see a decrease in services with an associated increase in patients referred off island for care. This will result in delays in definitive care and increased financial and emotional hardship on Maui’s families.

If the hospital bill is passed with amendments to allow Maui to make its own decisions, we can seek out an appropriate partner that shares our vision, values and aspirations. Together we can begin the process of building a world-class teaching medical center for this community providing quality health care for the sick and injured, stable jobs for our citizens, and education and career pathways for our children.

Urge legislators to support the passage of SB 3064 with amendments which will allow for regional decision-making in partner selection.

Melvin D. Burton