Maui’s future endangered by the narrow-minded

While one would have to be stupid or venal to run Maui at a loss, one would have to be wise to preserve the island by stringent moderation of growth and overuse of the resources.

Too many uneducated and narrow-minded men are running our civil institutions. Our standards of service and trusteeship no longer include virtue, wise management of resources and foresight. Maui is run like a business instead of a community of caretakers. Growth, development, maximization of profit, high pay, benefits – including unusual opportunities to profit from position – are just a few of the commonly accepted goals of public service.

Maui is not a resource company where everything that is rare and precious is extracted, leaving ugliness and costs behind. Maui is not a short-term investment for profit. One is not qualified to be a community leader because he attended a business school or because he is connected to the business community. Leadership requires wisdom, foresight, a high-quality consciousness and a sense of time and value.

The mayor and council members should not be judged by business standards, by market economics, by political considerations or the isolated acts of intellect.

Those entrusted with the duty of governing must be more broadly educated, more authentic, more original, more imaginative, courageous and benevolently daring.

They must value beauty over money, reconciliation over constant compromise, sacrifice over exploitation and possess the charisma which will convincingly lead us into a future undiminished by short-term greed.

Raphael O’Suna