Natalie Cole concert included disappointments

My neighbor and I attended the Natalie Cole concert. It is always fun to go to these functions and hear such great talent. One of the joys of living on Maui is having such a special place like the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

We were disappointed we got to hear only a half-hour of our wonderful local John Cruz. Then it was over half an hour before Natalie Cole appeared. A couple next to us asked if this was usually what happened at these events; they were bewildered as to why such a long intermission.

It is always a challenge to figure out if it is worth standing in line to have dinner. That night was definitely not the quality of food we expected from one of Maui’s top chefs.

Hopefully someday the MACC management can figure out how to serve the people to make the evening enjoyable.

In the meantime, we’ve decided we’ll stop on the way and eat or possibly bring takeout.

Nancy Snow