Nene relocation scam is making somebody rich

“Nene family makes its home on Oahu” (The Maui News, March 27). That is the good news, it seems.

Some two years ago, the wildlife administration started a program to remove some 300 nene from Kauai to relocate them to Maui and the Big Island for the pocket change of $7.8 million, or about $27,000 per nene.

In a letter back then somebody asked why they are a danger to the airplanes on Kauai but not to the ones on Maui and the Big Island, and, since geese in general are migrating birds, how do we know that they, once plane-flown to Maui, will not take off right back to Kauai?

What is happening is that the supply of returning nene (as stated in the article) will increase because the siblings will fly along with them. The more birds are flying back will, without a doubt, increase the relocation program.

Those on the receiving end of these millions truly found the goose who laid the golden egg – 300 of them and counting.

Keeping up with this nonsense, soon they will be able to buy their own private jet, hire Denzel Washington as a pilot with a nice bottle of Gray Goose vodka in the cockpit and under the Christmas tree of the people who signed the checks. What a brilliant scam.

Bernard Weber