New humane society leader should support no kill

The people of Maui have an unprecedented opportunity to save thousands and thousands of lives by letting their voices be known to the people responsible for hiring a new executive director at the Maui Humane Society to replace Jocelyn Bouchard, who has resigned.

Most people who are aware of the kill ratios (80 percent for cats, 65 percent for dogs) at MHS and the lack of thorough investigations and care for abused/injured animals want change.

I implore the board of Maui Humane Society to have compassion as its guide and select a new executive director who is totally committed to bringing no kill to Maui by making it part of his or her contract. I also ask our County Council to add a clause in its contract as well that the Maui Humane Society must implement the no-kill equation. For more information on the success of no kill, please see

Let’s work toward and be fully committed to no kill. I ask the Maui community to take an active part in the decisionmaking at the Maui Humane Society by contacting the board of directors, our County Council members and our mayor and let them know your feelings.

Killing animals for 60 years has not worked. Time for a change. Time to copy the success of other animal shelters that have gone no kill.

We can be the first island in the state to go no kill. Yes, we can.

Phyllis Tavares

Executive Director

9th Life Hawaii