Obamas should pay OT costs of first lady’s visit

As a nearly lifelong Democrat, I’m a supporter of our president and the majority of policies he pursues.

The March 23 editorial about the security expenses dumped on the taxpayers of Maui County during Mrs. Obama’s girlfriend party was right on target. We are told that when the first family travels, the personal expenses are their expenses and must be reimbursed to the government. writes the following regarding a London visit by the first lady, daughters and mother after an official visit with President Barack Obama to Egypt: No Taxpayer Money for Personal Expenses.

It is true that the Obamas visited Westminster Abbey, as well as a well-known local pub in Mayfair. The Obamas also visited Big Ben and Parliament.

As an added treat for Sasha Obama’s 8th birthday, the Obama girls met the actors from the “Harry Potter” movies. But the Obamas paid for their own personal expenses. Katie McCormick Lelyveld, Michelle Obama’s press secretary, told in an email: “All personal travel and expenses incurred were paid for personally.”

Maui County should clear the air and inform the residents whether a check from the Obamas has been received for the Maui Police Department overtime expenses during her visit here. The visit with Oprah Winfrey was clearly a personal trip for which no public funds should be spent.

I also think that Congress should require the Office of the President to publish information regarding these expenditures and payments each time family members take an official vacation.

Michael Nye

Maui Meadows