Selfless dedication seen in commitment to animals

Now in its third year, the Maui County Animal Coalition assembles on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss and plan ways to better the treatment of the county’s critters.

While each of the participating organizations is nonprofit, the vast majority have no paid staff. At times, it can be a challenge just to find the time to attend the monthly meeting due to the composition, as most guys are employed for ohana sustenance as well as organization expenses and then devote all their free, uncompensated time to the organization helping a variety of animals.

Over the years, guests have included state and county elected officials and their staffs, county department supervisors, national organization representatives and members of the media.

My manini part in all of this is meeting moderator and to help with communications.

Month after month, I watch guys struggling to rescue a variety of animals in need, care for the injured, feed the hungry, safeguard the endangered, find homes for the homeless, rehabilitate the abused, spearhead spay-neuter clinics, assure protection laws are enforced and more. While their specific missions vary widely, many of them exhibit a spirit of cooperation and aloha, finding ways to help one another achieve almost impossible tasks. Each month, someone asks for guidance and suggestions to rectify a concern and usually someone offers a way to probably achieve it.

I can only observe in awe at what these selfless guys do.

Mike Moran