Something must be done to stop plague of midges

I want to thank the federal government for the outstanding job it is doing in its midge breeding program.

No one really knows whether it was the fact that the government let all the tilapia lie dying for two years – leaving a fertile breeding ground – or the draining of the pond, but I do know there were never any midges in Kihei before, and I have lived here since before there was a Kihei.

I was told at a meeting that the birds were more important than the people, and I do understand the importance of the birds’ breeding grounds. But the fact that the source of this problem has not done anything to curb the midge breeding has carried them all the way to Wailea.

It is such fun to come to your expensive condo and open the doors only to fill the unit with flying bugs or to sit down at your computer or to read a book and have these irritating things flying all over – no matter how good your screens are.

Letting them die off naturally, like was suggested at a recent meeting, is obviously not working. Please do something about them.

Maggie Dickison