Spiritual connection to nature is waning

According to Hopi legend, all creation once spoke a common language, the language of the heart. Except for those who are greatly in tune with themselves and with their natural roots, this is obviously no longer the case.

Building an existence upon technology, birthed from our extensive imagination, we humans have focused our talents into a narrow aspect of the mind. We have developed an intellect capable of complicated technical feats but we can’t seem to apply our creations to our best benefit. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, our technology has surpassed our humanity.

We humans think that our intellectual superiority over the rest of nature translates into an emotional and spiritual superiority. But how superior are we? What other mammal diseases itself by soiling its own habitat? What other creature applies technology to psychologically self-destruct? What other creature has launched itself so thoroughly into its own imagination it has forgotten the innate pleasure of the present?

Science says that biologically, chemically and genetically, humans are nature. But, focusing so intently on the material, we have lost the language of our closet connection. As our spiritual connection to nature wanes, our human nature becomes more and more self-possessed.

On March 11, The Maui News printed a provocative cartoon depicting animal-rights activists feeding “baloney” to the public. All progressive (and conservative) movements are guilty of exaggeration. But the task for animal-rights activists is extremely challenging. Their core message is simple and profound. Wake up, listen and feel.

James Phillip Miner