State and county officials should work together

In a March 26 article, Mayor Alan Arakawa calls for a tax hike or an end to the transient accommodations tax cap, highlighting the need for state and county officials to work together.

As a single Maui mom who lives within a tight budget, I find the divisive nature between government entities surprising and frustrating.

In a time when the economy is constricted by a number of factors, it becomes even more imperative that our elected officials work together as a team to develop proactive strategies with integrity and where commitments are honored.

Creating a budget is about more than just number crunching. It’s a vision for the future. Our children’s future. There must be collaboration that creates a future our children will be able to thrive in.

If we want to live in a flourishing Maui Nui and Hawaii Nei, then the time for our state and county elected officials to work together is now.

Terez Amato