Virtual currency is already being used in Hawaii

A March 16 letter writer wondered about the creation of a local “virtual currency,” suggesting the names “mauicoin” and “alohacoin.”

I am happy to report that the currency has already been invented. It is supported by the well-elaborated networked communications infrastructure “Coconut.Wireless.” Communication transactions are called “Talk/Story.” High-bandwidth network nodes – “Beauty_Parlors” – are supervised by professional information brokers. Transient network nodes can be dynamically created, for example, in the checkout line at Costco.

If you are rich in this currency, people will take care of you. If your account balance is low, you will be informed periodically via the “Stink.Eye” protocol.

The currency is mined by exhibiting goodwill in thought, word and deed, toward people you encounter.

So, go out and mine some alohacoin.

Mitch Bradley