Volunteers are important part of Hospice ohana

What is it that wakes up and inspires us to be of service to our community on such a deep level that one is motivated to explore the possibility of becoming a Hospice Maui volunteer? How does one come to an intimate understanding that being needed by our community perhaps holds more purpose in our living than having our needs meet?

I pose these questions without feeling the need to answer them here, but to give them a place for us to ponder.

I am inspired by the number of folks who call and inquire about becoming a volunteer for Hospice Maui. Some of the ways our volunteers support Hospice Maui are through office support, fundraising events, direct patient care, with most interested in serving at the bedside. In addition to serving in homes, our volunteers offer company and companionship to patients we care for at Hale Makua, Roselani Place and Kalama Heights.

We are grateful for the many ways our volunteers contribute and support Hospice Maui through their quiet presence and compassion in service to those we care for. They’re a very important part of our Hospice Maui ohana. They share a commitment to serve our families from a heart-centered presence and to nurture in themselves qualities of humility, loving kindness and compassion.

A big mahalo to all our fabulous volunteers for being at the heart of Hospice Maui.

Connie Castillo-Walsh

Coordinator of Volunteer Services

Hospice Maui