Workers get no help from unions in class struggle

Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, everything is becoming a class struggle.

Hawaii is no longer Hawaii, it is becoming a free-for-all for outside exploiters and oppressors. Kamaaina is not kamaaina anymore, not local. People are just using the name to advertise and ride on the gravy train.

There are titles and competition amongst the working class and everybody is expected to put up with it like puppets.

The funny part is we are expected to be content like rats chasing the same crumbs because the unions are either getting paid off or too afraid to challenge the institutions of the system. Why are the unions not doing their job and being timid by not challenging the inequality of the system? The unions are supposed to strike if it ain’t right for the workers, not be buddies and pals with these foreign outside corporations.

Edward Hoapili Ka’ahui Jr.