Airport access road will create a traffic mess

Has anyone checked out the final plan for the airport access road?

Not only does it add a fourth stoplight within a mile of Dairy Road instead of an overpass, it curves back toward Dairy Road near the motorcycle dealership and actually replaces Dairy by the cathedral. All four lanes of the current Dairy Road will turn onto the current two-lane road that accesses Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

What genius in Honolulu came up with this nonsolution, traffic jam awaiting its time mess? Or was it once again an example of state government’s Oahu-centered, near-criminal disdain for the Neighbor Islands and refusal to spend our tax money here?

And why have we, the residents of Maui, abdicated our right to be heard to the powermongers? Where is our outrage? If you vote for an incumbent who supported this travesty, you vote for the problem, not the solution.

Al Rabold