American people are being scammed by Obamacare

Reading the April 10 Maui News, on Page A3 there were three interesting articles.

First was a plea from the Hawaii Health Connector (Obamacare) for another $4.7 million. This is on top of over $55 million already spent. Last year they had signed up 8,000 people. I did the math. It amounts to $6,875 per person. Just to get them signed up. No insurance.

The second article is about scams. I think the American people are being scammed by good old Uncle Sam. This is what happens when you use other people’s money.

The third article is the “Maui Nei” column by Ron Youngblood. It is great and about the future of Maui if we do not change and get the pinheads out of office. Remember to vote the bums out. If you don’t vote, you cannot complain.

David Dahlby