Anti-science culture in Hawaii is disturbing

An April 22 letter was another of a continuing series full of malicious and inaccurate rhetoric concerning Monsanto and genetically modified organisms.

The anti-science culture in Hawaii is disturbing, even a little frightening, since few people appear willing to check the facts these people offer. No responsible scientist presents his/her research studies and findings on YouTube, Twitter or Wikipedia. Valid research will permit others to replicate and further test these findings.

Previously, cornfields produced an average of 27 bushels per acre. Thanks to better farming methods, fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs, the current average is 150 bushels per acre.

Ninety percent of corn and 96 percent of soybeans grown today come from GMOs (Forbes, April 2014). These seeds also greatly decrease the need for pesticides.

The world’s population increases by 7 million people each month. Our organic farmers will be the first to admit that they cannot hope to provide the food needed to feed another 85 million people each year.

More, not less, research is required. Hawaii is uniquely suited for this research because our climate allows three crops of seed corn per year. New seeds usually require four generations to show results. We should embrace the efforts of the seed industry in our state. Millions of people worldwide depend on these scientific experiments.

Please demand verifiable scientific research findings before forming your opinions and placing your signature on a petition.

Ed Mathay