Better location is available for sports complex

Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui is trying to force the development of an extensive sports complex on 65 acres directly behind a now-quiet neighborhood in Kahului.

The complex, which will have 12 lighted sports fields, has a separation from the neighboring homes of only 50 feet. This is unprecedented and certainly against common sense.

The sports complex will be turned over to the county to maintain once it is completed.

As Maui residents, Maui Lani homeowners understand the desire to have more sports fields for organized sports groups – nothing wrong with that. However, it is not reasonable to expect entire neighborhoods to be permanently disrupted and lose property value in order to do that.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that gives everyone what they want. Last year, the county purchased a 209-acre tract of land from Alexander & Baldwin for the Central Maui Regional Park. This park will consist of sports fields for baseball, soccer, football and more. The land, which is south of Waiko Road, has no residential developments adjacent to it.

Move the state-sponsored sports complex to the 209 acres owned by the county – just a couple of miles away. More sports fields, no neighborhood degradation and the 65 acres behind the neighborhoods can be developed as a real park for all of Maui to enjoy.

With the cooperation of the county and the state, everybody wins. Let’s let them know that’s what we want. More details at

Mary L. Spencer