Company needs to embrace GMO petition

Reading the March 31 article about the GMO initiative, there was a response by a Monsanto representative. Her response contained a certain amount of worry or fear of the initiative that is taking place.

With all the controversy and proof that protesters seem to have, you would think her company would embrace the chance to legally and openly clear the air on the subject.

On Kauai, instead, her company and three others like it have decided to sue the County of Kauai on this same type of initiative rather than jump on the chance to settle the issue about how safe they are.

The initiative is only asking the companies to prove that what they are doing and the substances they are using are safe for the soil, air, water and ultimately us. Why are they so worried?

Seems like a great opportunity, with all the exposure to the public, to settle this issue.

So, now I’m wondering about her company’s motives.

Deborah May