County’s clerical workers deserve higher pay

I am a clerk with the County of Maui, and I am standing up for the resolution brought before the council supporting the repricing committee’s movement for equal pay.

I’ve been employed by the County of Maui for less than a year, but I know firsthand the immense amount of responsibility put upon county clerks on a day-to-day basis.

In my own district, there are 15 men for whom I keep records, prepare forms, complete time sheets, book reservations and, in some cases, schedule appointments. Of those 15 positions, eight require no qualifications but for a driver’s license and an 8th-grade education. Those eight positions are the lower-paid laborer positions but are paid a substantial amount higher than I am – $16.62-$17.09 per hour compared to my $13.34 per hour.

In this economy, everyone is expendable, but I would think that the positions that are harder to replace would be the positions that are worth more – the rarer the diamond, the higher the value.

Anyone could tell you a supervisor is paid the large amounts they are paid because of their knowledge and the fact that they supervise other employees. A supervisor’s clerk is, in his/her own right, just as knowledgeable and oversees all the administrative aspects of each of the supervisor’s employees. We don’t need to be highest step on the ladder, we’d just like a chance to be on the ladder and not just be the ones holding it up.

Jaylene Nuesca