Disrespect shown to B.B. King is unforgivable

I read with pure disgust the article (The Maui News, April 8) about a crowd of losers on the Mainland (and I hope they stay there) who had the audacity to heckle and boo the iconic bluesman Mr. B.B. King during his concert.

It seems B.B., at age 88, made a few flubs and forgot some words to some songs and these animals, rather than showing any class and going with the flow, showed their true selves by yelling insults and heckling Mr. King.

I saw him here on Maui and know that mistakes or not he is such a nice man that it is ludicrous to even think about being mean-spirited to this kind old gentleman. Makes me wanna cry for what humanity has become.

Would they do that if it was their grandpa up on stage? These Beamer-driving have-it-alls make me sick.

Take a look at how the Japanese treat their elders. With compassion and respect, even if they forget the words sometimes.

I have a better idea for their next concert. Take that big wad of cash and buy some tickets to see Justin Bieber. That’s how much class these people really have and all they really deserve. Their types give the rest of us the blues.

Helen Alipio