Don’t blame Harry Reid; Republicans are at fault

An April 9 contributor claims Harry Reid is obstructing improving the Affordable Care Act and the solution is to elect a Republican majority in the Senate, resulting in meaningful bipartisan dialogue. This is like saying the best way to save a burning house is to pour gasoline on it.

The facts – those pesky details Republicans ignore – are that House Republicans have voted 50 times to repeal the ACA. The latest Paul Ryan budget calls for the repeal of the ACA. A recent modest amendment to the law passed the House by voice vote because the Republicans did not want to be on record voting to improve a law they despise.

The truth is that the obstruction comes from the Republicans in both chambers. John Boehner refuses to permit a vote on immigration reform. Equal pay for women bill was just killed in the Senate. Reasonable gun control measures have gone nowhere, primarily due to Republican opposition. Likewise, hiking the minimum wage failed.

No, the facts are that the only things the Republicans support are the ersatz scandals of Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service supposedly targeting the Tea Party, the “Fast and Furious” guns in Mexico and a policy of cutting taxes on the wealthy and big corporations.

Our president has learned that meaningful dialogue with the opposition is a myth.

Unless we want to cede the country completely to the Koch brothers and the Sheldon Adelsons of this world, we need Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

Richard L. Rost