Don’t discount science as benefit to agriculture

Should the people of Maui be concerned if Monsanto has a project on Maui? Yes, I think they should. If you go online and read the case Anniston, Alabama v. Monsanto, I think you will agree with me. The citizens of Aniston won a $700 million award, but what good is that money when your children die before they’re 20, and you are sick all the time?

I’m not knowledgeable about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and therefore won’t comment on them.

As to herbicides and pesticides, I’ve tried to grow a garden and maintain a yard for almost 48 years in Lahaina. I’ve had to rely on chemicals. I was told that if I planted okole oi oi (marigolds) around my garden, I wouldn’t have any pests. Unfortunately, the pests didn’t know that.

With agricultural areas shrinking and populations growing, we’re headed for trouble. Science may provide solutions. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Tom Hansen