GMO-produced foods need to be labeled as such

There have been several letters recently to this newspaper on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which have suggested that if people do not like food grown using GMO technology, those people should not eat those foods. That may be a fine solution except for the fact that Monsanto has vigorously blocked any attempt to label which foods are produced with GMO technology. There is no way for someone to make a choice.

Monsanto should have nothing to worry about if the food products which come from GMO plants are safe. Those food items should be so labeled, then those of us who are concerned can make our own choice. And Maui farmers can grow those items. That is a win-win situation for everyone. But, Monsanto needs to stop blocking efforts for such labeling.

If you support Maui farmers to grow GMO crops, I urge you to support truth in labeling. Honesty and openness are the hallmarks of democracy, so let those ideals prevail here.

Scott Werden