Good reasons for allowing vote on all development

I wrote an April 21 letter about letting the island people vote on all future development, and here’s why.

It would take away the remote possibility of any secret bribery or corruption involving elected officials. Any elected official can be bribed. But if the entire island does the voting, then there’s only one thing developers can bribe us with – higher quality.

Letting voters approve development makes the developer and architect submit more-efficient and less-expensive housing designs because you just know that we’re going to demand better than the preapproved stucco boxes they’ve been shoving down our throats for the last 20 years. I’m also sure that there are several new, creative-thinking developers out there who would like to show off their imagination to an island desperate to see some. Out with the old, in with the new. Competition is a good thing.

Letting people vote on development would guarantee that all affordable housing and community parks get built first instead of watching the County Council continue to reattach affordable housing and parks to future projects. We can make it so the parks get built before houses. If the developers don’t like it then we can always hire/interview new developers.

Good things happen when you stand up for yourself. The anti-GMO people had six months to get 8,500 signatures – but did it in two months because people got involved.

Which island organization is going to start a “People Get to Vote on All Future Development” petition?

Alec Hawley