Hawaii should go back to being sovereign nation

My opinion on Hawaii’s sovereignty is that we should be an independent country once again. I focus on the things that make us who we are as a people – not money, weaponry, freedom or anything else. The people of Hawaii can be just as smart, if not smarter, than the people of America. Hawaii may not be big, but the people of Hawaii have heart and they will not give up a fight that already started.

People do not realize the importance of the Hawaiian culture to Hawaiian people, who want to keep it alive. People perpetuate the culture through the following ways: hula (dance), oli (chant), mele (song) and just Hawaiian cultural practices like raising kalo (taro) and making mea’ai Hawai’i (Hawaiian food), or doing favorite Hawaiian pastimes, like making kapa or playing makahiki games.

The people of Hawaii can have their own government, their own currency, their own laws, their own traditions, their own language, their own entertainment, their own things that make them who they are – just like the people of America. They already had those things until Americans took it away from us.

I am sure that being who they are, they would have the intelligence to make themselves a distinguished country in society, having their own things. Therefore, I am for Hawaiian sovereignty. Hawaii should be the way it was before.

Kaulike Pescaia