Hawaiians have opportunity to raise their nation

Native Hawaiians are on the cusp of creating a nation of their own choosing should they decide to rise and be heard and register on the Native Hawaiian roll by May 1. All Hawaiians, regardless of blood quantum, age, place of residency and choice of Hawaiian government affiliation, are invited to participate in this process of raising the Hawaiian nation.

Hawaiians have made numerous attempts at creating a sovereign nation within the confines of the United States Constitution, which excluded many sovereignty advocates. Other attempts were thwarted due to the mistrust of governing entities such as the United States, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Office of Hawaiian Affairs. This process is being facilitated by OHA, which will “remain neutral in this process,” according to information being circulated to the public.

This process is to determine the will of the Hawaiian people in their choice of self-governance of forming a nation within the state of Hawaii, seeking recognition as a nation within the U.S. or to once again be an independent nation.

There is great potential for those who choose to engage in this process because there are no limitations on the self-determination on a nation of people whose ancestors lived sustainably before the arrival of western influences.

A town hall meeting will be held at 6 p.m. April 28 at Hale Pomaikai, located in the Paukukalo Hawaiian Homes community, to discuss this process.

For more information contact me at 463-2963.

Tasha Kama