Hawaiians urged to register as deadline nears

Attention all Native Hawaiians: The Kanaiolowalu train is boarding at this time, and the train leaves on May 1. That is the registration deadline, and anyone who chooses not to enroll will have no vote and no voice in the delegate selection process.

Delegates to the convention will decide what direction this new nation shall go, and the nature and character of the new government. Those who refuse to take part in this process are free to seek their own path toward nationhood, and I wish them good luck.

For the over 100,000 of us who have registered, we are moving forward with Kanaiolowalu. It is not too late to register, but time is running out.

If you are Hawaiian and want to have a voice in this process, I urge you to register now at hawaiianroll.org.

Do it for yourself, your children and for the future. Imua.

Bronson Kaahui