Improvement needed in enforcement of animal laws

As the chief executive officer of the Maui Humane Society exits, the door opens for positive change in how MHS delivers law enforcement to us taxpayers who are paying for it. A new leader with experience in animal law enforcement and prosecution of animal cruelty/neglect crimes would go a long way toward rebuilding community trust of the MHS.

Excellent animal law enforcement went out the door in 2008 with the loss of our great animal control captain. She got the job done well to the benefit of our public safety and the well-being of the animals, and citizens received good value for our tax dollars.

Nowadays some people violate our animal care laws with no fear of consequences, whereas people calling MHS to report animal care violations can be ridiculed by some animal control officers. Have those ACOs forgotten citizens are paying them, as ACOs are 100 percent county funded? Things have escalated to where complaining citizens may be retaliated against by emboldened animal neglectors who feel empowered when ACOs ignore their crimes. The situation is bad for the community.

Things have festered long enough. For its benefit, MHS should reinstate delivering excellent animal law enforcement services, followed by ensuring the successful prosecution of violators so that people can feel safe and animals will be managed properly. Until law enforcement methods of MHS are vastly improved, MHS can expect critical scrutiny from the public.

We need positive change in animal law enforcement services for the betterment of all.

Richard St. Gaudens