Information sought on Ka‘ahumanu, Keopuolani

Perhaps someone can help me with some historical research.

I am creating a book on Maui history, and have two women’s names to deal with: Ka’ahumanu and Keopuolani.

Were they one person or two? A public librarian tells me two.

In her book “Maui Remembers,” Gail Bartholomew credits Keopuolani with being the mother of Liholiho, Nahi’ena’ena and Kauikeaoli, and says it was Keopuolani who welcomed the missionaries and encouraged Liholiho to break the eating kapu.

S.M. Kamakau, in “Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii,” seems to endorse this idea.

So, if they were two different people, why does Ka’ahumanu get all the glory?

I would welcome anyone who would contact me about this. My name and number are in the phone book.

David Slocum