Inspirational speaker is one not to be missed

I recently had the privilege of hearing Nick Vujicic deliver the keynote address before 4,000 people attending the 2014 Hawaiian Island Ministries conference at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Of the dozens of outstanding speakers that I have heard over half a century of public service, I have never been more moved and touched than by the presentation that was made by Nick.

Hearing what he experienced over the past 30 years and how he has overcome what most of us would consider a monumental “handicap” – born with no arms and no legs – was the most inspirational and unbelievable story I have ever heard.

“How to Live a Life Without Limits” is the theme of Nick’s presentation that will be given at the War Memorial Gym on Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Although there is no charge for the event, people are being asked to bring a can of food for the Maui Food Bank.

I am making this personal plea to please bring all the members of your family and invite your friends and neighbors to come and listen to Nick. If you do, you will get a deeper appreciation of who you are and what you can accomplish with what you have – your perspective of life will definitely change and you will be able to find that inner joy and peace that comes when you know what your purpose in life is.

William T. Kinaka