Keep correctional center staff in your prayers

Corrections is a field with a unique group of individuals who have challenges with shift work, rotations, a stressful environment, working double shifts and with times of adversity, sickness and death.

All staff and uniformed adult correctional officers are expected to be fair and their residents to be law-abiding in the facility and in the community.

All encourage families to remain close and to follow the rules for visits and privileges.

Note to all of Hawaii: Recently, visits have been limited or canceled due to illnesses of employees and/or prioritized assignments for staff. The staff at Maui Community Correctional Center understands how important families are and empathizes with the community. Safety and security are highlighted in decisions.

Pray for MCCC’s volunteers and employees for safety and a healthy community and facility. Contact MCCC’s volunteer Chaplain Pua Hashimoto at 281-9390 during daylight hours to pray for all staff and those related to incarceration. Leave a message with a prayer.

Hawaii is a love story of aloha. Forgive and love one another.

Henrietta Pua Hashimoto