Keep sports complex out of Maui Lani neighborhood

I recently purchased a home in Maui Lani Legends and am extremely concerned about the negative impact the proposed Central Maui Sports Complex will have on my family and neighborhood.

I am an avid sports fan and have been involved in competitive tennis for the past 30 years. While I feel it would be positive for Maui to have more facilities to accommodate fitness activities, I strongly believe that the property adjacent to my subdivision is not the location for it.

Can you imagine cars en route to the complex speeding through the streets where children rollerblade and ride bikes in order to avoid a congested intersection? Can you imagine stadium lights glaring through your house into the late evening while you and your children try to sleep? Can you imagine your quiet neighborhood rocked by the sounds of activities at sporadic hours of the day and night?

I understand that this sports complex is Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui’s pet project and for which he has allocated millions. But the question I pose to him and those in support is this: Would you welcome this facility into your backyard?

I humbly request that Tsutsui consider working in conjunction with Mayor Alan Arakawa in relocating the sports complex to Waikapu, where the county already has 209 acres planned for a regional park. This location is ideal as it is far enough removed from surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Linette Kanoholani Suehiro