Legislature should fund land for the homeless

I am a concerned citizen of Maui County. I am 17 years of age and I am a student at Maui High School.

I find it hard to go to the store and not see a homeless man or woman on the streets. Many homeless have found places to stay like Kanaha Beach Park or off Amala and Kaa streets. For these homeless people it has been hard for them to find a place to sleep.

The problem that arises for the homeless is where are they going to stay and how are they going to eat? Citizens of every state have found a way to feed the homeless, like food banks, but what are we, the citizens of the U.S., going to do about where the homeless are going to stay? Are we going to keep on kicking them out of areas that they have?

So, why don’t we, the people of Hawaii, take a stand and make another difference in the world by encouraging the state Legislature to fund a piece of land for the homeless people? This may not attract them all, but at least we can stop spending money to send police officers to clear homeless out of an area. This way the beaches could be cleared and we can restore the beauty of the island.

Jon-Lee Pinheiro