Life lessons being learned by playing football

I was raised into a football family. All eight of my brothers and my sister would play football outside of our house.

Growing up, I always wanted to play for the Maui High football team. I still remember in 2nd grade I would think to myself, “Only seven more years until I’m in that blue jersey.”

The problem was that when I finally got to MHS, everyone around the island underestimated our football program because of the losing seasons in the past years.

What is a successful season? Is it all about racking up that W?

As long as we are having fun and trying our best to not regret anything, that’s a successful season. We could be going home and doing whatever we want to, but instead we choose to come out and work to get better, even if it’s not much of an improvement. Progression! It’s a beautiful thing.

Off the field, I see my teammates, who are also my brothers, working hard in class. We have study hall for about 45 minutes every day after school.

As far as having a winning season, that depends on our faith within one another and faith between us and the man upstairs.

So, I ask people to please understand what us athletes go through. Some of us play sports that we know that we are not gonna play in the next level. But we still love going to practice. For what? To be disciplined, and discipline is a life lesson.

Alexander Vainikolo