Living in the U.S. should mean speaking English

Everybody living in the USA should speak English, and our government should insist on it.

Kudos to the writer of the April 6 letter “People who can’t speak English shouldn’t drive.” He is absolutely correct in his attitude that if you live in this country, learn English.

I feel qualified to weigh in on this issue based on my personal experience. I came to the U.S. in 1968, when Russia invaded and occupied my home country, Czechoslovakia. I felt it was my responsibility to learn the language of the land so I could read, write and communicate in general. I do not have much sympathy for those living in this country who do not make any effort to learn to speak English.

Our federal government is the wimpiest administration this country has had since its birth. The president acts like a king rather than a president. He regularly bypasses Congress and the due process to further his personal goals and generally does what he wants. The sad part is that he is getting away with it. We all should remember this come election time. After all, we the people are responsible for the mess created by those we put in the office. We the people have the power to change things.

Let’s be Americans, speak English, vote, make our voices heard and let’s get this country back on the right track.

George Mina