Location is wrong for proposed sports complex

We, along with many Maui Lani residents, are very concerned about the proposed sports complex in Kahului (The Maui News, April 1).

This sports complex only benefits a small percentage of the public and does not best serve all residents of Central Maui. This is not what the Maui Lani homeowners were led to believe would be built in this area. A recreational park within walking distance to Maui Lani, with a playground and other amenities for public use, would be ideal.

While a sports complex may be a well-intentioned project, the location for the proposed development is inappropriate. Sports fields can be great assets for a community, but they need to be located in areas that don’t adversely affect the surrounding homeowners.

Just as it doesn’t make sense to build a children’s playground next to a highway, it doesn’t make sense to build 12 noisy, lighted sports fields 50 feet behind a quiet, peaceful residential neighborhood.

It is unreasonable to expect hundreds of families to put up with the noise and lights that would be generated by a sports complex year-round. Safety is also a concern, with the potential for baseballs being hit out of the park and into the surrounding neighborhood.

The planning commission’s vote to approve the project was not unanimous, as stated in the article. In fact, only five of the commission’s nine members voted to conditionally approve the proposed development, pending further public hearings.

Neil and Reatha Sorensen