Maui Lani buyers not told about sports complex

The residents of Maui Lani impacted by the proposed sports complex have a right to be upset. There was a lack of disclosure for purchasers of the properties. In order to make an informed decision to purchase a home in the Maui Lani subdivisions, purchasers should have been told that a sports complex was to be built.

To the Realtors who participated in selling these homes without proper disclosure, shame on you. Had I known about this complex, I would not have purchased a home in Maui Lani.

As to the complex itself, it is poorly designed – nine baseball/softball fields, three soccer fields, parking for 600 vehicles, no seating and only two small restrooms. It is also close to two proposed sports fields.

Does the county have the funds to properly maintain current sports fields in addition to the proposed sports fields? We shouldn’t put the cart before the horse. Let’s make sure that we have the resources to keep these sports fields operational and that the location of these fields creates the least impact on the surrounding neighbors.

Veronica DeSandro