Nothing is phony about administration’s scandals

An April 13 letter writer used the adjective “ersatz” in describing the Benghazi tragedy, the Fast and Furious debacle and the Internal Revenue Service scandals. These disasters were not fake, phony or synthetic. They have gone unaddressed by our government. Americans serving our country died in Benghazi and a border patrolman was killed in the Fast and Furious disaster.

Fast and Furious was badly pulled off by our own Department of Justice. The State Department still doesn’t answer questions about Benghazi. The families of the victims in both incidents do not regard the loss of their loved ones as ersatz, phony or fake.

That brings me to good old Lois Lerner of the IRS pleading the Fifth Amendment. Wonder what would happen if an ordinary citizens pulled the Fifth Amendment on the IRS?

Lisa Gapero