Our tax dollars need to be spent more responsibly

It’s a sad fact that 40 cents of every one of our 2013 federal tax dollars went to fund current and past wars, according to the Quaker advocacy group the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

We have some critical needs as a country – how to respond to the effects of climate change, how to repair our crumbling bridges and roadways, how to bridge the growing divide between rich and poor. These are the priorities I want to see our Sens. Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz working to shift our tax dollars to in the coming year.

They can start by eliminating the more than $100 billion of documented waste, fraud and abuse found in the Pentagon’s budget every year. Cuts much deeper still are needed for us to turn toward being a peace-seeking nation.

However, though we may disagree about the need to continually invest in preparations for war, surely we can all agree on the need to spend our tax dollars responsibly.

Mele Stokesberry