People should have a vote on all Maui development

Well, I have to applaud the anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) people for their spunk and determination. It made me happy to see Maui’s people stand up for themselves.

It got me thinking of how we can, again, use the power of the people on the issues of development.

The county has big plans for the old sugar fields and zero concern for the majority of Maui’s people concerning traffic, affordable housing and water. We already know how it does things. Times change, and Maui County’s refusal to change with it is going to sink this island.

County officials are getting everything in place, but they’re not going to announce any new development until after the elections. It doesn’t matter who the mayor is – they’re all on the same team.

That said, the people of this beautiful island need to follow the anti-GMO groups’ lead and start a petition to let the people have the final vote on all future development. Even the plans that have been approved should be reviewed and allowed to be voted on by Maui’s people.

It’s not fair that 150,000 people are impacted by 10 bigwigs at the Mayor’s Office.

The island’s future is here. We have to act now.

Alec Hawley