Proposed sports complex is fraught with problems

This is a state-proposed plan to build a sports complex (not a park) right behind several residential neighborhoods (The Maui News, April 1). The complex will have 12 lighted sports fields only 50 feet away from homes.

The lieutenant governor says there’s “overwhelming support” for the project by the community. Not one person I’ve spoken with is in favor of this plan. Not a single member of the public testified in favor of it at the planning commission meeting. Price tag: $22 million in taxpayer money.

Would you want stadium lights to be glaring in your house from 100 feet away? What about the noise a game generates? Multiply that by 12. What about tournaments? The plan has 600 parking stalls. That’s potentially 1,200 to 2,500 people at one time.

Traffic? Access will be in front of Pomaikai Elementary School. It will further congest the four-way stop at Maui Lani Parkway and Kamehameha Avenue.

The design has no seating planned for spectators – not one park bench, sitting area or bleachers. There will be a concession stand but no place to eat.

The lieutenant governor says the state is “sensitive to the concerns within the community” on this issue. If that’s the case, why hasn’t there been a single change to the original design?

My neighborhood community hasn’t been considered at all, even though we have suggested input. There has been no compromise offered by state officials.

How’s the county going to maintain this?


Tina Hoenig